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Imagine how great it would be if you could:

Does that sound impossible? Of course, not.

This is not a fantasy – even for the most introverted person. If you can can control your fear of Public Speaking, you will exude confidence and have the ability to speak in front of any audience. We will show you how to become confident anytime you deliver a speech.

The Fear of Public Speaking Training:

Don’t Envy Great Speakers… Be One!

If you think public speaking is one of the terrifying things to encounter, you’re not alone. There are a lot of great speakers who used to have the fear of public speaking. The fear of Public Speaking is common. Well known individuals such as Celebrities, Politicians, to name a few, had to deal with similar fears before they became competent and effective speakers. We have trained our clients to overcome any form of public speaking fear using our proven and tested techniques which has enabled them to get up in front of any audience and deliver compelling presentations. No matter how scared you are to speak in public, we believe everybody has what it takes to become a great public speaker. You just need to realise your potential and stop letting your fear hold you back from delivering a great speech. Through our Fear of Public Speaking Training Programme, we will teach you some techniques and strategies needed to overcome your fear of public speaking.

Here’s A “Sneak Preview” Of What You’ll Learn from This Course:

Understanding Stage Fright

If you feel butterflies in your stomach right before any public appearance, you’re suffering from stage fright. Almost 85% of individuals experience the same thing. The good news is you can cope with stage fright. The best first step to deal with stage fright is by understanding the symptoms and what causes it. We will cover this at the one-day course.

Proven techniques and exercises for dealing with stage fright.

After you fully understand stage fright, we’ll show you how to deal with it using relaxation techniques and exercises. These techniques and exercises work so well they’re commonly used by world-class coaches, Speakers, Lawyers, Politicians and Motivators before they deliver a presentation or enter any stage.

Deep Breathing

After you’ve controlled your stage fright before delivering a presentation or entering any stage, it might just strike you again when you are presenting and your ability to use this technique even while speaking will assist you to cope with the nerves. We will show when and how to use this.

Handling forgetting your speech

Next, we teach you how you can always remember what you want to say while on stage, to ensure you can deliver all the relevant information to your audiences.

Practice sessions

Practice sessions After we show you all the techniques and exercises mentioned above, we’ll practice together to ensure you can implement what we’ve taught in this course. At this stage, you should have the tools you need on your journey to overcome the fearof speaking in public.


Visualisation is one of the most effective strategies to deal with stage fright. And the fact that it can also help you perform better on the stage is a bonus for practising this technique.

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But guess what? We don’t stop here.

We cover some secret techniques you probably may not have heard of. Our Tested 7-Step Strategy to Convert Your Stage Fright to Stage Might. If you want to boost your self-confidence when delivering a presentation or to speak on stage, this is what you need. Our 7-steps strategy that has helped many of our clients to convert their stage fright into stage might.

Speaking off the cuff/Impromptu speech

We will teach you a strategy that can help you deliver a great speech or presentation without preparation. When you are known as an excellent public speaker, you might get invited to present in front of an audience, or on stage without more than a few moments of preparation. This strategy will ensure you can impress your audiences even if you only have a few seconds to prepare.

Here’s What You Can Expect After You’ve Completed The Course.

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When? Our one-day program is scheduled every month.What to expect? The course is classroom-based, and we will cover the topics mentioned above.