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Coach, International Speaker, Author and Lawyer
Please allow me to transform how your feel about speaking in public forever by becoming Articulate and developing Self-Confidence – In Just A Few Short Hours a week In Essex or on zoom…”

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Every Person Has an Inner Genius Sleeping Inside. If You Can Embrace It, You Can Make A Difference.

Would you like to have rock-solid confidence, which allows you to pursue anything you want to achieve in life? Are you feeling doubtful about your abilities or past failures? Do these doubts keep you awake almost every night?

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Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking Program (stage 1)

4 weeks | £425

Competent Communicator (Stage 2)

5 weeks | £595

Advance Speaker and Presentation Mastery

5 weeks | £645

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Effective Communication & Confident Communication
Overcoming Fear Of Failure
Personal & Professional Growth
Building Confidence & Self-Leadership
Developing Self-Esteem, Resiliency, And Mindset Shift

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About Chris Aniche

Chris Aniche

Award Winning Public Speaker, Transformation Coach, Lawyer, Author & CEO Essex Public Speaking Academy
His primary school teacher designated Chris as having ”No Future Ambition” because he was always the last in class. He lacked so much confidence in himself partly because he had a speech impediment which was a source of ridicule from other students and close relatives.

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